More Bad Customer Service . . . Thanks AT&T!

The Real Story

I’ve tried to talk to AT&T about this but it has fallen on deaf ears. Now I’ve taken to letting the world know the type of customer service I’ve been getting since March 2010. Do you remember the guy who wrote a song about how Southwest Airlines smashed his $5,000 guitar? Well, here I am writing about my lack of phone service from AT&T.

Last year, I had a phone with the following attached to it: voicemail, DSL, cell phone & AOL through ebillit. One year later, I changed the DSL to wi-fi because I was tired of the all the wires. I was going to be free with my laptop anywhere in the house. Great! Life was going along until March. I had to pay my bill late, $469.96 but it was paid. I paid $470. Normally, when you pay your bill, they restore your phone with all its services and life goes on. However, this did not happen.

Once the $470 was paid, about 2 two months later, I found out I had no way to access my voice mail messages. I found out the hard way, when I was sent an e-mail for a job. I tried to call the 630 area code and found out I couldn’t call that area code at all. AT&T blocked my phone from calling all area codes except 773. I did get through and left a message. The person returned my call and left a message but I was unable to access my voicemail to retrieve any of my messages. I even tried #98 and I continued to get a busy signal. Not being able to hear the message left, I lost $125 on that job. And who knows how many other jobs I’ve lost with AT&T playing this game of holding back my voicemail messages. I still do not have access to them even at this writing.

Thanks to AT&T, a much needed surgery has been missed and since I cannot access my voicemail, I cannot hear the messages left by the nurses and doctors. Thank you AT&T for withholding my voicemail.

Like everyone else in this economy, I’m looking for work and sometimes I teach online classes. AT&T has disconnected my wi-fi so I have no way of earning a living in my field, teaching software online. Like I said, I don’t understand why my phone wasn’t returned to its full usefulness after I paid my bill. I’ve tried to explain this to AT&T but no one is listening. When I’ve tried to explain this, they told me my account does NOT exist! They told me I never had voicemail, wi-fi, a cell phone or AOL. This is straight out of the Twilight Zone.

This month, they’re asking for $300, but they’re being kind and asking for $140. The question is how can I trust them? When will they restore my voicemail so I can get hired for a job or jobs and pay the bill? How do I know if I pay the money, they’ll restore my phone to its full life? I paid them $470 and yet, they still tell me I don’t exist. I even asked if I needed to reorder everything but that question was completely ignored. I’ve since called in some outside help, but that can only go so far. Now, I’m putting this out on my blog because I have no written guarantee that AT&T will restore my phone. I paid them once and they just gave me their best middle finger.

AT&T please call me because I’d like to have my surgery and my phone fully restored with voicemail, wi-fi, cell phone & AOL. And please don’t send me a letter, call. You can turn the phone on from your end.

And if you’re an attorney reading this, you can reach me at I’d leave a number but I don’t have one.

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