Don’t Work Without Protection . . . On Your Laptop!

Man with headset on & concerned look on his face.Are you working on your laptop without protection? Protection? Do you let your com

puter get warm or ignore the severe heat while you work either semi nude or nude? You should put an extremely thick towel or grab one of those 1200-2000 paged books to put underneath your laptop but between you and your family jewels while you work. Even consider buying a laptop cooling pad for $30-$40 to make sure you are not disrupting your physiology for future generations.

The testes on a man should be 4-6 degrees cooler while working on a laptop. You should protect your swimmers men because the laptop puts out anywhere from 1400-1600 degrees or more of heat. That amount of heat could cause serious damage and future problems for reproduction.

You can buy a laptop cooler from Belkin, Zalman or any of the other companies out there, definitely shop around. I’m not recommending you buy a cooler from one of these companies. I’m suggesting if and when you have the money, buy a good one. I don’t get paid from these guys, but when you realize how embarrassing it could be in the emergency room explaining why you are there, you will wish you had put a nice, thick towel under your laptop. Those ointments are messy on clothing and your clothes usually end up in the dry cleaners.

I use a medium sized book wrapped like a burrito in a thick towel to keep from getting second degree burns. I’m too cheap to buy a cooling pad, but I do highly recommend this for males of all ages, shapes, sizes and color.

And if you use a towel, make sure it’s a clean one straight from the laundry and smells fresh. The heat from the fabric softer is really wonderful . . .

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