Why You Need A Website

There were more small businesses created in 2009-2010 than in any other time in the history of small businesses because this economy is still so bad. More importantly, people realized for the first time in some cases, they weren’t going to get rich working for someone else. This is why no matter what you’re selling, what type of product you want the world to know about, you should have a website.

Recently, I tried to convince Dave he needed a website for his bedbug extermination business. At first, he was all for it. He could reach more people, they would have a website to go to for information, there would be a PDF file to download so they could print and read on the go.

But somewhere down the line, he changed his mind and I asked him why. He decided he was going to take out newspaper ads for lots of money because he wanted people to call him so he could talk to them individually. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in this day & age that he wanted to “talk to people” on a one-on-one basis. Who has that kind of time today?

I couldn’t get over Dave wanted to “talk” to people. He didn’t count on the people who used to work from 9 AM to 5 PM are now working, if they can find work, from 9 PM to 5 AM. Their break time is around 11 PM to midnight and their lunch break is around 1 AM – 3 AM. Some nights (or days) they might only work from 9 PM to 3 AM, a full 6 hours and go home. Who’s going to take a call at 2 AM and talk about exterminating their home?

That’s what the website is for. It’s to help you work smarter not harder especially in these times. It’s to cover those times when you can’t. It’s going to act as your “unpaid” assistant, your personal workhorse. Who doesn’t like having a free assistant? Your website will do all the work for you while you sleep.

It will:

  • Give handouts/downloads/brochures/flyers free of charge
  • Allow you to collect money via PayPal.com or Payloadz.com
  • Explain what your business can do for the customer
  • Tell what time you’re open/closed/if you work holidays
  • Tell how much you charge for services/what’s extra?
  • Tell where you will be for your next public appearance/what time/next project/what you had for breakfast (smile)
  •  Tell what that people can do to prepare before your visit if you have to make one in person

What puts a smile on your face in the morning is when you wake up, you go to your e-mail and see 15-25 or more, paid orders waiting for your time and attention, (thanks PayPal/Payloadz) waiting for you because they’ve read your website while you were sleeping. They were up past 11:35 PM reading your site and looking for a solution to their problem. This also includes people who are on the graveyard shift and manage to get their hands on a computer at work or use their Smart Phones/cell phones to place an order.

The websites created by RPWDS.com are Microsoft’s OfficeLive are $350. These are host free websites when finished. Host free means you do not pay a fee each month before, during or after the site has been created. Some sites require a monthly fee some as low as $4.99 or some even higher, it depends on your host. Your website will remain on the internet indefinitely. Yes, you can download our 9 page brochure for more information or check our website, http://RPWDS.com. The only thing you pay for is your domain name every year or every two years.

Domain Names

However, if you want a specific Domain Name, for example: http://cleansocksanddunderwear.com or http://clean-sox-and-underwear.com for your site, that will cost you $14.95 through Microsoft’s OfficeLive. You can also buy your domain name from outside companies as well, such as GoDaddy.com, Register.com, Domain.com just to name a few of the companies out there. You can always Google “domain name” and see what pops up. If price is a problem, Google “domain name” “sale” and this will take you to companies that are offering a sale on domain names for one, two or three years.

Once you buy your name from an outside source, you can then use that domain name to start your website. It is up to the webmaster/web mistress to redirect the domain name from that company to OfficeLive.com so you can have your e-mail redirected to the site.

Remember, no matter what you’re selling or what your product is going to be, you will reach more people faster with a website than with newspapers. I did tell Dave it’s a generational thing. Young people like to e-mail, surf the net and text. The Older Generation likes snail mail, phone calls, reading newspapers and the classifieds. You need to consider both generations when creating a site. Somewhere in the middle, we’re all going to meet on a host free website and see what’s going on in the 21st century.

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